…the sincerest form of flattery

So, I was walking from the station to Westfield with The Girl the other day, and I was giving her an idea of how she sounds when she’s being really sullen and teenagerish.  Obviously she didn’t really like it.

TG:  Ok, mum, you can stop intimidating me now
Me:  I wasn’t
TG:  Yes you were, just now.
Me:  What are you talking about?
TG:  Just now – you were pretending to be me!!
Me:  Ohhhhh, well then you mean ‘imitate’!
TG:  Oh. OK. So what’s ‘intimidate’?
Me (glaring straight into her eyes and doing my best Ross Kemp impression):  Now, why don’t you just stop giving me jip and come shopping like a good little girl?
TG:  *pause while she just looks at me* Mum, you’re scary.
Me (smugly): No darling, I’m intimidating 🙂
TG: *thinks, then gives me a big grin* But you don’t sound anything like me!
Me (sarcastically):  Oh ha ha. Touché.
TG:  What’s touché?
Me:  A turtle
TG:  WHAT?!?!?!!?



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