the end of everything – megan abbott

The End Of Everything

I had this book recommended to me by a colleague – who was absolutely raving about it!  Considering some of my recent reads (Sugar & Spice and Blood Guilt), it really did sound right up my street!

Set in one 80’s hot summer, the story is narrated by thirteen year old Lizzie Hood, who is best friends with Evie, her next door neighbour.  Lizzie and Evie do everything together and always have done.  They are both in awe of Evie’s older sister Dusty, who seems unfeasibly glamorous and worldly wise to them.  And they all vie for the attention of Evie & Dusty’s dad, who Lizzie seems to hav some kind of teenage crush on.

Then, one day, Evie goes missing in very mysterious circumstances.  The whole town goes into meltdown, trying to figure out what could possibly have happened to her.  Lizzie doesn’t realise that all the clues to what has happened are with her, but she slowly comes to terms with the fact that she may be the only one who really knows what has happened to her friend.

I found this story just weird.  It was intriguing and very easy to read, but about 3/4 of the way through the book, I realised that i didn’t actually think i cared what happened to any of them – I just wanted it all to be over.  Luckily – being so easy to read, I sped through it!

The characters didn’t seem to act in a way that I would associate with ‘normal’ behaviour.  and there was so much sexual tension all over the place – Lizzie’s 13 year old sexual tension mainly – that just felt really awkward.  i don’t remember feeling / thinking anything like she did at 13!

None of it really scanned properly for me, and I didn’t feel that the ending really resolved anything either – I felt that I was left with more questions.  So, overall, not a brilliant read for me – but at least it was quick!


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