She truly is!

Last week, when I got home one night, The Girl was on the phone.  I wasn’t sure who to, but she was happily chatting away.

When she finished, she came and said hello to me and then asked:

TG:  Have you got anything planned for me next week?
Me:  Well, just a couple of things, but that’s Monday and Tuesday, why?
TG:  Would it be OK if I stayed at grandma and grandad’s for a couple of nights?

I assumed that must have been who she had been on the phone to, so said:

Me:  yeah, that’s probably OK.  When, and how long for?
TG:  Oh, I don’t know yet?  Shall I ring them and check that it’s OK?
Me:  Erm…who were you just on the phone to?
TG:  Dad.
Me:  So – erm, grandma & grandad haven’t spoken to you about this?
TG:  No
Me:  So you want to ring them up to invite yourself round?
TG:  Yes
Me:  Don’t you think that’s a bit presumptious?
TG:  But grandma & grandad LOVE having me over!!!!

I am not actually sure that her head can get much bigger…