memoirs of a master forger – william heaney

Master Forger

I had never heard of this book before – and just picked it up in Barnardo’s in South Woodford as I liked the cover!

Well, first of all, William Heaney doesn’t really exist – it is the name of the character narrating the story…so he ‘wrote’ it, didn’t he?  the book is actually written by Graham Joyce.

William is a forger of antique books – well, he doesn’t forge them personally, but together with a couple of friends, he runs a successful forgery scam.  He is a goverment beurocrat and divorced father of two – his teenage children live with their mother and her C-list ‘celebrity’ chef boyfriend.

Oh yes, and he sees demons.  He has seen demons since an incident at Uni.  A guilt-ridden incident that left him feeling that he should never REALLY allow himself to be in love.

This was a really easy read – but I’m not sure what genre I would put it in.  Part love story, part supernatural, part beautiful observational prose on humanity it skimmed over all these aspects without delving very deep into any of them!  However, it was a decent story with some extremely believable characters and quite unlike anything else I have read.

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