say it like it is

she also asked for a pet T-Rex

So, after how ever many years, I finally decided it was about time that I introduced The Girl to the delights of Jurassic Park (the original of course) and so we have been watching it quite happily for a while – and she is LOVING it (even if there is no internet or mobile phones, the special effects aren’t as good as Primeval and it is VERY long!)

I happened to point out that I once had a very lovely handwritten letter Richard Attenborough – addressed to me personally and everything!

The Girl:  So have you still got it?
Me:  no, unfortunately not
TG:  Why not? did you throw it away?
Me:  No, of course I didn’t – I would never have thrown anything like that away!  but, it was actually for work and while I was on maternity leave, my boss took the chance to shred a lot of my paperwork – and unfortunately that included my ‘celebrity contacts’ file.
TG:  I’m sorry mum!
me:  Why are YOU sorry?
TG:  Well, it’s my fault – if you hadn’t had me, then you wouldn’t have been off work, would you?
Me:  Don’t be silly, it’s not YOUR fault you were born!
TG:  OK, it was dad’s fault
Me (grudgingly):  Well, not quite – it wasn’t exactly his own decision, was it?
TG:  No, I guess you did put his sperm in you, didn’t you!
Me:  Ewwwwww!!!  No!  Gross!!  Don’t EVER say anything liek that to me EVER again!!  that’s disgusting.

She just shrugged.



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    1. I used to love the gant’s Hill Odeon – it was so easy to club togetehr and buy one ticket, and then that one person would let the others in up the fire exit stairs 😉

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