the driver, king’s cross

The Driver, King's Cross

Last night, I went along to The Driver with a friend to use my last outstanding Groupon voucher.  Considering my recent groupon experience at The English Pig, I was slightly nervous of what may lay in store for us.

I really needn’t have worried as we had a fantastic time.  The complete polar opposite of the service that I had received then.

Our waitress (Marta/Martha?) was absolutely outstanding.  She welcomed us warmly to the gorgeous dining room on the first floor, knew that we were on the Groupon deal and asked us for the voucher so she could see what the deal was (two courses with cocktail and coffee for £26 for the two of us – BARGAIN!), supplied us with our menus and then explained that we could have a starter OR a dessert as well as our main, it was our choice (or both if we wanted to pay the extra), that our included cocktail was a bellini but we could just have Prosecco if we liked and that we could have any of the coffees or tea.

She then told us which dishes were new on the menu, which she recommended, which had gone down well at lunchtime and was just very attentive and friendly without being OTT.  It wasn’t like we were the only diners, but we certainly felt that way 🙂

Antelope 'pattie' on lentil and chorizo cassoulet with red onion jam

Yes, my main was really just a ‘burger’.  I have never had antelope before, but it was extremely nice.  lean and meaty with a beefish texture, very slightly gamey but very subtle.  The cassoulet was fabulously flavourful, but then I am very much a chorizo fiend and think it can enhance nearly every dish 🙂

Braised rabbit with celeriac mash and savoy cabbage

I had a taste of my mate’s rabbit, and it was beautifully tender and delicately flavoured with a smooth, creamy sauce and crispy cabbage (which wasn’t the best looking but tasted scrummy!).

Pear and chocolate shortbread with blackcurrant sorbet

This was SO scrummy!  The shortbread was crumbly and moreish and not too sweet, and the pear was tender and peary!  It was slightly warm which I hadn’t been expecting, and was perfectly balanced with the slightly sharp sorbet!

Chocolate pecan brownie with champagne ice cream

This was rich and gooey without being sickly, and the champagne ice creamwas smooth and luxurious.  I only had one bite as I was happy with my own dessert!

All in all, The Driver is a lovely pleace with an unusual and varied menu and absolutely fantastic service, thanks to Marta/Martha!


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