you’ve made your bed…

Self-assembly bed!

Me & The Man have this ongoing argument – about 5 years ago, I bought a new bed (notice that *I* bought it – this is quite important to this story).

It was delivered and was a self–assembly jobbie.  This was when The Man was working in Warren Street in a place that treated him crap but paid him way more than he was worth.  Every Friday night, he used to go out drinking with his colleagues.

This was a Friday, and so I started putting the bed together.  I am not the tallest of people, and so this was quite tricky.  I had told him that the bed needed putting together or we would have nowhere to sleep, and yet he still (much to my annoyance) stayed out boozing, and didn’t return home at a decent time to help me put the bed together.

By the time he had got back, I was kicking various tools and instructions and stuff around and practically seething with anger.  He was happily tipsy and said “Here, you’re doing that all wrong…” or words to that effect, so I screamed at him, and he decided to go back out to the pub!!!

I continued, and had got near enough everything done, BUT being so short, I simply couldn’t finish the job as my arms wouldn’t reach that far.  It was definitely a two person job, no matter HOW hard I tried!

Of course, when he came in from the pub, he finished it in about 10 minutes flat, said “What would you do without me?” and looked completely smug.

Since then, I have often referred to MY bed, and he has maintained that it is HIS bed as HE made it.  I have pointed out that *I* bought the bed, and I did in fact make 75% of it.  But HE says that HE finished it, so it was HIM that made it!

Earlier on tonight, I was lying on MY bed, trying to get rid of a headache, and he came in and I told him to get off MY bed.  The Girl came in to give me a hug too.

TM:  How many times do I have to tell you, it’s MY bed!
Me: No, it’s MINE. I bought it!
TM:  You may have done, but *I* made it, so it’s mine
The Girl:  Well, technically, you just put it together.  Someone else made it, didn’t they?

I love her.


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