a visit from the goon squad – jennifer egan

A Visit From the Goon Squad

If someone asked me “Did you enjoy this book?” I really wouldn’t know what to answer.

I kind of liked parts of it, but spent a hell of a lot of time rather confused to eb quite honest.

The book (sort of) centres around Bennie (an old punk rocker turned record producer) and his assistant Sasha.  However, the book yo-yos back and forth on their timelines, and it often takes a while to work out whereabouts in the story you actually are!

I loved the beginning of the book, where Sasha is explaining her kleptomania to her shrink, and therefore the reader – that was pretty absorbing, but then it jumped to a whole load of other characters that didn’t seem to have any connection to Sasha at all, and it took a while to see what everyone’s parts were in the overall story.  I have to admit that the huge cast did confuse me a little.

It felt like a book of short stories with a rather tenuous link joining them all together.  The short stories on their own were pretty good (as short stories go), but the link seemed so vague that it felt as if it had been forced.

Also, I know that the chapter written using Powerpoint is meant to be ‘sensational’ and I thought it was pretty clever, but I felt it was far too contrived!  I didn’t see what the different style actually brought to my enjoyment and experience of the book!

The last chapter was interesting, set in the near future as it was, although it laid itself open to me thinking “Well, that just wouldn’t happen!”, which I did through a lot of it.

I wouldn’t recommend it particularly, but I wouldn’t warn anyone against it. It was…there!


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