the behaviour of moths – poppy adams

The Behaviour Of Moths

I can’t remember why I picked this book up, but I’m glad that I did.

It is a very unusual and intriguing story told by Ginny, an ageing recluse who has been living alone in her family’s mansion as it slowly crumbles around her.  However, her little sister Vivien is returning home for the first time in nearly 50 years, causing Ginny to reflect on their lives together.

I loved the way that this story always seemed to have another surprise around the corner – although there did seem to be a few possible stories that were hinted at and yet never explored.

For a very quiet, very quaint ‘British’ book, told from the view of an eccentric, genteel old woman in her 60s who is a famous lepidopterist (studies moths), it has some rather shocking twists and turns, which make it even more interesting.

I actually really enjoyed it!


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