indian supper club with alex & salim, e17

Alex (and Salim) made us feel SO welcome in their home!

I have been extremely slack about updating recently – mainly because I have had SO much to post about – and therefore been out when I should’ve been posting!

Last week, The Man and myself were lucky enough to find out about a new pop-up Indian Supper Club in Walthamstow.  It was the very first one, and although we thought all the places would have been filled, Alex managed to squeeze as in and we happily trotted down the road to a brand new experience!

Unbeknown to me, as it was their very first try, they had actually had all the places snapped up by people that they already knew – so we were ‘the outsiders’!  But considering my usual ‘Stranger Danger’ worries, this was not a problem in the slightest.  We were made to feel so welcome in their beautiful home, and Alex and Salim were so relaxed, that we forgot that we hadn’t known them for years!

We were served a gorgeous homemade lemon & mint soft drink on arrival, along with little homemade bags of indian-spiced popcorn, which was so simple but totally more-ish.  We were then given an indian twist on a mojito, which was wonderful and refreshing – and WAY too easy to go down.

On top of the very easy conversation, we were invited into the kitchen where Salim invited us to taste all of the dishes, and prod his bread dough that was on one side rising.

After trying the dishes, actually sitting down to eat couldn’t come around fast enough!  With a table of 6, one of 4 and two of 2, me and The Man got our own table, but the other diners were turning around to chat to us, giving it a real party feel 🙂

Our pretty table, mojitos and the peanut masala

We had a gorgeous, fresh peanut masala and crackers on the table ready to tuck into which was fantastic.  More mojitos were sent our way, and then a bottle of wine appeared.  We felt very looked after!

The main  meal consisted of cumin rice, a huge fresh salad, chicken dopiaza, moong dal and muttar paneer.  I have always kept away from paneer in restaurants as I’d had it a couple of times and it hadn’t been quite ‘right’ for me.  however, when I’d tasted Salim’s ‘cheesey peas’ straight out of the saucepan, it was like a completely different experience.

Everything was absolutely wonderful, light but rich in flavour, perfectly spiced, and all the individual elements complimented each other whilst tasting very different.  And it was all accompanied by Salim’s freshly made bread which we were in the perfect vantage spot to witness him preparing and cooking!

Don't be fooled - we ate about five times this amount!

Although our initial portions were of a fair size, we didn’t realise that the seemingly never-ending bowls would be brought around continuously!  We were STUFFED by the end of it (I had MANY heaps of muttar paneer!).

When I say stuffed, we did indeed manage to fit in our chocolate and cardamon mousse with a coffee cream made by Alex, which was also very scrummy.  After finishing with freshly brewed coffee (The Man) and fresh mint tea (me), we rolled ourselves out of our chairs to walk home.

They don’t present a bill (!) but have a discreet contribution box with a suggested £20/head to cover their costs – more than reasonable, I think you’ll agree.

They are going to be running the supper club on the first Friday of every month, and me and a few friends have already booked ourselves in for the next one (yes, I have been spreading the word!) which will be concentrating on street food. I plan not to eat for a week beforehand!

If you are interested you can see their website or contact Alex on Twitter.

Salim is also available for cookery lessons – I am planning to send The Man to learn bread, kebabs, dal and of course the muttar paneer!

Can’t wait to post about it again next month!


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