le bouchon breton, old spitalfields market (2)

We went to Le Bouchon Breton to use an accumulation of TopTable points last October, and I had a Groupon voucher to use, so we happily skipped along to spend it.

Sauteed Mushrooms &Parsley Butter in a Puff Pastry case

I have to admit, the look wasn’t what I was expecting, but there was a bit of the happy 70’s in me as the presentation of a huge vol-au-vent pleased me immensely!  And it was totally yummy, rich in flavour, creamy but still light.

Foie Gras Terrine Served with Mango Compote

The Man had decided to go for the most expensive items on the menu, just to really get our money’s worth 😀  He melted at the first taste of his foie gras and said that the mango compote shouldn’t have worked but really really did!

'Le Baron' rib eye steak

The Man went for a rather large steak  it really, really was massive. However, he did order it blue, and to be quite honest, it was probably to thick to have blue as (to me) it just looked like a big bit of slightly warmed raw beef.  I didn’t try any!

French Trimmed Rack of Lamb served with Darphin Potatoes, Spinach and Baby Onions

I have to admit, I went for exactly the same as I had before. Predictable, I know, but it was such gorgeous lamb – and I love lamb, it’s my favourite meat of all!  And once again, I wasn’t disappointed – it was absolutely melt in the mouth delicious!

The restaurant is pretty well known for its cheese trolley, so The Man decided to give that a go…I tried hard not to wince as the lid was lifted and the waft of rather ripe cheeses drifted across.  I like cheese, but I hate the smell of the smelly ones!

Tarte Tatin

Oh yes, I had the tarte tatin!  Well, actually I had half a tarte tatin as I simply couldn’t eat any more!  It was one of the best I have had  but then you would expect that from a french restaurant, wouldn’t you!

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable meal.  And if you like seafood, we saw a couple of the seafood platters come out and they were ENORMOUS!  This is definitely a restaurant that you need to come to hungry as they definitely like to feed you!



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