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five by five (part 2)

Another 25. That's 50!

Well, it appears that (like me), people do generally enjoy a good list.  or even a bad one.  Or even a selection of irrelevant ones!

My last post of five lists of five things about me has generated a little flurry of activity views-wise.  So I thought I’d do another one!

Enjoy!  (Or don’t).


Five of my favourite frequent dinners at home

  1. Beef stroganoff
  2. Lamb tagine
  3. Scallop linguine with lemon, chilli and LOTS of dill
  4. Pork stew with mango and chilli
  5. Roast lamb

Five artists I play a LOT

  1. Groove Armada
  2. Faithless
  3. Chemical Brothers
  4. Nouvelle Vague
  5. Banco de Gaia

Five people on BBC Breakfast that make me shout at the TV

  1. Sian Williams
  2. Bill Turnbull
  3. Louise Minchin
  4. Tim Muffett
  5. That weather guy whose head is WAY too big for his body so freaks me out a lot!


Five of my favourite authors

  1. Christopher Brookmyre
  2. Jasper Fforde
  3. Scarlett Thomas
  4. Carl Hiaasen
  5. Douglas Coupland


Five of my favourite places to reflect

  • Hainault Lake / Forest
  • My parent’s garden
  • Barragem da Bravura
  • My bedroom
  • Any quiet beach / riverside / lake / expanse of water



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  1. Emm
    September 2, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    Absolutely love four of your five artists but haven’t heard of Nouvelle Vague. Shall have to rectify post haste!

    I used to adore Douglas Coupland but tried re-reading Shampoo Planet the other day and couldn’t. Could it be that I’ve changed or grown up or something??? Or was it just that the novel was so right ten or so years ago?

    I quite enjoyed the Carl Hiaasen novel I read. I shall have to explore your other authors.

    • September 2, 2011 at 12:23 pm

      Nouvelle Vague are unique. Being French for ‘new wave’, they do cover versions of all the new wave hits, but in bossa nova breathy french accents.

      I must admit, I have never ‘re-read’ a Coupland – but I have always loved them when i’ve read them. especially All Families Are Psychotic.

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  2. January 10, 2013 at 4:10 pm

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