possibly the best ice cream in london?

Very classy and subtle!

I had been thinking extremely hard all morning, and come up with an absolute corker of an idea for the sector in which I work, which even my boss was dead impressed with (although it wouldn’t make us any money).

After using so much brain-power (and after a pretty good amount of drinking at the Walthamstow Tweet Up last night), I felt in need of a little pick-me-up at lunchtime.

So I wandered down to the seventh circle of hell that is Camden Lock to hunt down a place of mythical legend – somewhere that I had heard tell of, but never actually known of anyone personally who could vouch for its existence.

Chin Chin Labs is as unpretentious in its shop front and signage as its website!  This is quite unusual in Camden Lock where the general marketing ploy is to be as loud and gaudy as possible really!

There is a choice of just three ice creams – madagascan vanilla, Valrhona chocolate and the ‘flavour of the week’.  this week it is Jaffa cake – and I wasn’t passing that opportunity up!

Ahrash, the guy serving was fantastic, was happy to let me take photos (he must be SO used to it) and explained to me how the ice cream was so much smoother than the conventional stuff, and that they didn’t have to use preservatives or emulsifiers, so it was far more natural and he also told me how much liquid nitrogen they get through.

The mad scientist at work

My chosen Jaffa Cake ice cream has a base of orange marmalade ice cream with added dark chcoolate chunks and sponge pieces.  Yummy.  they all went into the mixing bowl and then the liquid nitrogen was slowly added.

In goes the LN2

Obviously when handling liquid nitrogen, the ‘scooper’ has to be completely safety-weared up!  The protective goggles and big gloves that he donned upon me ordering completed the real ‘lab’ feeling 🙂 (As well as everything being in measuring beakers, conical flasks and test tubes!)

Mixy mixy!

This really is the moment of drama, as the ice cream mixes.  It was fantastic! you then get a choice of one sauce and one topping.  I went for valrhona chcoolate sauce and popping candy!  A winning combination.

At £3.95  (there is only one size available), it isn’t the cheapest ice cream in London, but the theatre of it, the portion size and the absolutely sublime smoothness, freshness and flavour – it is WELL worth it!  It’s even worth battling the crowds at Camden Lock for! (Check out the video below).

Jaffa Cake ice cream with valrhona chocolate sauce & shiny popping candy!

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