looking forward to the e17 art trail

On Your Marks! At the E17 Art Trail Warm-Up

This will be the first year that I am going to take an active interest in the E17 Art Trail.  This isn’t really a surprise as it is less than a year since I first started gettign more involved in what was going on in and around Walthamstow.  I remember picking up a guide last year, but didn’t really have anyone to go round with – and I was sulking cos my mate had just moved out from the area.  this is actually the 7th year though and I have absolutely no excuse at all for why I haven’t ‘done’ it before!

This year, I have heard so much more about it as I know quite a few people who will be exhibiting and i am really ratehr excited – I have even taken 3 days off of work when I COULD have got someone to look after The Girl on the last days of her summer holidays  if I’d really wanted to!

So, what is the E17 Art Trail? It is an opportunity for local artists (of all types) in Walthamstow to display their work – whether it be within a local business premises or their own home over a period of 10 days. You can read more about it here.  It is amazing what an arty lot of people there are in Walthamstow though – over 1200 artists are displaying their work in this time – from sculptors to painters to photographers to knitters to filmmakers and poets, a real bringing together of all that’s arty!

How amazing is that??

Fabien's gorgeous dog promoting his exhibition - WOOF!

Even more amazing, The Girl is a guest blogger on the offical E17 Art Trail blog, and has made her first post today – proud mum moment 🙂  PLEASE do go and have a look (and comment) – she would love to feel she’s ‘famous’!!

I went along Sunday before last to the warm-up in the town square, where there was the opportunity to pick up a guide and meet some of the artists who were going to be exhibiting.  It was a beautiful day, and Mark Burton (the photographer whose exhibition I went to a couple of months ago) took loads of photos which you can see here (and I am actually one of the ‘people in frames’!).

It is really hard to decide what to go and see – the guide is full of intriguing stuff, and there’s even a fantastic E17 Art Trail App that I’ve downloaded for my phone!  Of course, I will definitely be visiting exhibits by people I know (obviously) – and here is a quick snapshot of those:


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  1. Well, your heir has carved her niche well – read her first post and am well impressed 🙂 (that’s 3 wells – must be all the rain pouring down here ;P
    Looks like your corner of the world is fast becoming a hot bed of culture – and I missed all that before, tsss…
    Oh, and the dog is a beauty – we had one like that too (well, half, she was a crossbreed of a german shepherd and an airdale terrier) and guess what her name was: Fabi 😀

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