before i go to sleep – sj watson

Before I Go To Sleep

Christine wakes up and realises that she must have been REALLY drunk the night before, as she is in bed with a MUCH older man that she can’t remember meeting in a bedroom that she has never seen before.  After creeping out to the bathroom, she glances in the mirror and realises that a drunken one night stand is the least of her worries as she appears to have aged about 20 years overnight!

Slowly she realises that she has been doing this every morning for a huge chunk of her life.

While Christine sleeps, her memory is reset.  Since a traumatic event in her past, she has been like this her husband Ben tells her, and he has been doing his best every day to help her live say to day.  The amount of long-term memories she has varies daily, making it hard to judge how much he should and shouldn’t tell her.

But Christine is slowly starting to have more memories – memories she can’t understand, and she starts to wonder who she was, what actually happened to her and who she can trust.

I loved this book, it was gripping right from the start – one of the best thrillers I have read in a while.  Although there’s not much sense of ‘action’, the plotline bounds along, dragging you with it.  The absolute horror and confusion that Christine goes through every day, trying to pice together the broken fragments of her life feel so real.

Memories are what make us who we are, they shape our lives, actions and decisions.  The thought of not remembering who I am, what I’ve done or who the people are around me scares the hell out of me.   This book took that fear and played it to its limits.

Intriguing, scary and totally unique – loved it!  It will make a fantastic film (according to this, Ridley Scott has bagged the rights) – although if you read the book, it might ruin it, knowing the ending!


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