the radleys – matt haig

The Radleys

I had this book recommended to me, and at first balked at the idea! “I am NOT reading a vampire book”, I said to myself, “I am NOT some angsty teenage girl with suicidal tendencies, misunderstood by my parents, and with an overwhelming need to dress in black all the time!”  Well, OK, perhaps the last bit DOES apply to me, but I’ve seen Twilight and thought it was diabolical!

Ahhh, but this isn’t a ‘vampire book’.  It’s a book about family, relationships, fitting-in and trust.  It just happens to deal with the subjects by emphasising them hugely as the family that are trying to fit in are a family of vampires – although at the start of the book, the two teenage kids don’t even know this!

The Man immediately started picking holes in the plotline, telling me that ‘the law of vampires’ means that they can’t breed etc etc, but hey – this is NOT a vampire book, just like the absolutely marvellous Warm Bodies wasn’t ‘a zombie book’.

Peter & Helen are abstaining vampires living in a small English village just outside Thirsk.  They fit in with the local community – Peter is the local GP and Helen is part of the local book club.  They have given up blood and the power it brings them in order to give their two kids (Clara & Rowan) as normal a life as possible.  However, now teenagers, the kids have never really fit in, and one day something happens that throws the entire family into turmoil – is it something they will ever be able to get over?

The story drew me in right from the beginning, and the characters were all so believable. But not only was the depth of character there, the action when it came was real page-turning stuff!  I finished this in just a couple of days!  Highly recommend for a quick, light but full read!


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  1. Nice to see a vampire-related offering that has some brains and literary chops attached to it.

    I’m so sick of the vampire/zombie crap that is proliferating on the horror scene. The genre has gone into the toilet, writing mistaking gore and splatter for genuine suspense.

    Keep reading the good stuff and leave the hacks to wallow in their own offal.

    Thanks for posting about books. A pleasure to encounter a fellow bibliophile in cyberspace…

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