stella artois’ black diamond – part 2

I should have written this up well over a week ago – and it’s not because it wsn’t worth blogging, but that I have simply been SO busy lately!

So, this was the second part of the immersive theatre by Punch Drunk that me and my mate went to see last month, set in 60s Paris and based around a diamond theft.  Still marketing the launch of Stella Artois Black, but on this occasion we didn’t get a chance to drink any!

This time, the meeting place was given as ‘by the public telephones in Old Street Station’, so this was where we headed. We had NO idea at al what to expect, but the segment was title ‘On The Streets’, so we expected to walk around a bit.

When we got there, we gave our names to the nice lady with a clipboard, and met two other guys who were apparently the rest of the audience – which seemed a little cosy. The girl then just walked off, just as one of the phones rang.

Again, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t been to see it yet, but I will in fact be giving a few details – so it is up to you now if you read on!

My mate answered the phone, and was given an instruction. The four of us walked out of the station, and I was actually talking to one of the other guys – probably the best accidental move that we made as we were walking just ahead of our mates and one of the actors suddenly grabbed the to of us and ran us down the street (and I man really ran us, very urgently) and that’s how it all started. this meant that me and my mate ended up having completely different experiences for the first half of the ‘show’ and only met up a bit later. We pieced it all together later on over dinner asking “So when I was in the car, just after the warehouse, had you met Lola?” and stuff like that.

The performances were outstanding and I got to be driven around Shoreditch in a couple of 60s Citreons. There was violence, romance, sleight of hand, a backstreet club, singing, balloons, back-stabbing, burglary and so much more in a number of locations.

We were made to exert ourselves, threatened, kidnapped, assisting crimes and mainly just thoroughly thoroughly entertained. We had more fun than you could’ve imagined – it was a pretty intense hour – and something I would definitely like to do again!


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  1. I’m so sorry. I had to let my faithful cat companion of 17 years go a few months back. I went from knowing it was time to actually holding him at the vets as he slipped away in about 12 hours time. Thinking of you.

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