bringing nothing to the party – paul carr

Bringing Nothing To The Party

Whenever I need to go to a charity shop for work (yes, I work in the Charity Retail sector), I always feel that I need to buy something.  This something usually takes the form of a book – or this time one for me and two for The Man from the South Woodford branch of Barnardo’s!

I’m so glad I picked it up as it was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read – although part of me wished that I’d read it ages ago!

Paul Carr is a great writer, and this book is his memoir of his desire to be an entrepreneur – mastering the world of dotcom start-ups and becoming rich and famous…instead of just writing about those who had managed it and hanging about with them at parties!

The dotcom boom of the late 90s and early 00s is covered in great detail,and evoked some happy memories for me (having been an ‘internet dater’ and ‘chatter’ since they were near enough invented!) with a smile being brought to my face by mentions of Perplex City, The Million Dollar Homepage and the Cambridge Coffee Machine amongst others.  But Carr knew many people behind the ideas, and it adds another dimension to the stories.

Add in Carr’s personal stories during this period of lost love, jammy jobs, unintentional criminality and general crapness and it is a very amusing read.

I notice that his second book, The Upgrade has now been released, so might give it a bash soon.


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