married with zombies – jesse petersen

Married With Zombies

I was in the need for something a little more light-hearted and rompy after reading the rather dark (but easy-to-read) Little Hands Clapping, so I bought a book I’d had on my Kindle wishlist for a while.

Married With Zombies was exactly what I needed – a fast-paced, lightm brain-smushing book with a ‘no need to think’ storyline!

Sarah & David are having marriage problems, are on the verge of divorce and so have been seeing a counsellor.  on one of their scheduled trips to her office, they realise that there is something up.  There was hardly any traffic (unheard of in Seattle), the usually cheery security guard is nowhere to be seen, and when they eventually get into her office, their counsellor is ripping out the throats of the smug couple they secretly hated passing in the waiting-room every week.

The infection soon spreads, leaving Sarah & David to fight the zombie plague as well as each other!

It’s a lovely alternative slant on the usual zombie-slaying tales, and would obviously make a good plot for a film.  However, it is billed as ‘Book 1’ and I am really not sure where else it will be able to go.

The characters are believable everyday types, and so the story feels believeable too – i caught myself thinking ‘So, what would *I* do then?”.  But, of course, we have it all worked out now!

Good for a quick read, and a bit of a squelchy laugh – but don’t expect too much depth.


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