little hands clapping – dan rhodes

Little Hands Clapping

I had this sitting on my Kindle for a little while, but when Amazon suggested Anthropology to me and I bought, read and loved it, I thought I’d read this next!

It’s brilliantly dark – I can see that it wouldn’t be for everyone though.

‘The Old Man’ is caretaker of (and lives above) a rather strange museum in Germany.  It’s not exactly a ‘destination’, and he always increases the number of visitors to appease the museum’s owner – but the quietness suits him and his strange, lonely life.  The nights where spiders crawl into his mouth are the only things that really disturb him – and that isn’t for the reason you might think.

After these nights, he has reason to contact Doctor Ernst Frohlicher – another solitary man, although he has his dog Hans and is extremely well-loved by all of his patients.

However, when something happens, and the relationship between the two men is brought into the open, people are left reeling.

I zoomed through this book – the characters are so well drawn – and they really do feel DRAWN, in my head, it was playing out like an animated film – some kind of bleak, macabre fairy-tale.  I totally loved it.

The subject matter isn’t for the faint-hearted, although it is handled in such a way that everything seems quite matter of fact, and at the point there was the first ‘revelation’ made, I actually had to read it a couple of times to make sure I had understood correctly.

There is so much I want to say about it – but I don’t want to give the story away! Thoroughly recommend it!


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  1. Thanks for the tip! I got this book for my Kindle ($8.79 via, why the heck I can’t order via is beyond me as my visa banking account is in the UK even and prices there are sometimes cheaper, hmpff…) and it is indeed a very good read! I bought the Anthroplogy one immediately, without downloading a sample first – which is a first for me 😀 Strangely enough, that book was only $2.99.

    I can see it work as an animated film too, a bit in the style of Tim Burton’s Corps Bride!

    1. I’m glad you liked it! Maybe you can try one of his other books out for me 😉

      how about what I said about how I was almost making excuses for the character with the unpalatable habits (so to speak (don’t wnat to give too much away!) – did you have the same reaction as me? Did you find it shocking, but you still quite liked them/felt sorry for them etc?

  2. I was ‘on to him’ from the beginning and both major characters creeped me out so no sympathy for neither of them, but I wasn’t prepared for the turn of events in the park 😛
    My favourite character has to be Madalena, although she felt Italian, pre-Rafaelite even, in the beginning to me, which is a bit wet in my eyes 😉 I cheered for Hulda at the end, very thorough of her 😀
    Yah, I prefer female leads 😉

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