Well? Are you?

We were watching the total pile 0f pants that is ‘Falling Skies’ the other day, where aliens have invaded earth and are killing everyone in sight, and the survivors are trying to fight back etc. (To be honest, it didn’t grab me in the first 10 minutes, and although The Man thought that the aliens were pretty cool, I have no idea what was going on!).

So, he suddenly gets all animated and turns to me and says:

TM:  I  can’t believe we haven’t made any plans!
Me:  Plans for what?
TM:  If there’s a disaster of some sort and the three of us aren’t together!
Me:  What sort of disaster?
TM:  Well, alien invasion, zombies, Peak Oil suddenly kicking off – what if we’re both at work and The Girl is at school when it happens?  What are we going to do?  Where are we going to meet?

I have to admit, we’ve discussed our options in the event of such catastrophes, but never what we should do if we’re not all together.

“We need to sit down and talk about it with her”, he said.  “I’ve never had anyone that I’d really worry about and want to be with if it happened before you two.”

He was deadly serious – and that is one of the reasons I love him so much. 🙂