father’s day in walthamstow

My loves - and they're BOTH so proud 🙂

I have had a lot of traffic on my blog the last couple of days due to my post from last year’s Father’s Day – and it’s really annoying because I can’t get at the article I wrote as it was on my old exploded laptop…but I think I may have a copy of it on my work PC, so will check tomorrow.  ***UPDATE: It’s now here***

However, after reading my post, it’s amazing to think – my dad is totally back to normal now, and all the health scariness of last year seems so very long ago.  I popped round last night to drop his card off and have a chat and he was happy and in great spirits and him and my mum are off to their boat (on the Ouse in Cambridgeshire) tomorrow for a few weeks.

As I am posting this, The Girl is snuggled in bed with The Man after taking him his card, tea and toast, giggling and being silly, whilst I have had to get out of bed as I am on call and have to check all the databases are up and running.  All is good in the world.

The picture says everything great about my life.  As far as The Girl is concerned, The Man IS her dad.  He’s been living here for almost seven years, and went through about four years where he was her ‘main carer’ as he was unemployed.  Seeing as she was only two when I split up with her dad, The Man has been around way longer, and she loves him to pieces.

And her absolute delight with him wearing this t-shirt just about sums it up.   If anyone in Awesomestow is interested in one for themselves, they were supplied by the lovely @WalthamstowDad (who even delivered them very greenly and friendly in person by bike) or from Beautiful Interiors in the village for £15 – and all profits are going to Whipps Cross Hospital Maternity Unit.


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