bossypants – tina fey


I have to say, me and The Man LURVE 30 Rock.  We find it very amusing.  probably mainly because it’s a little childish.  Ok, well, a lot childish.

So, when we were off on a long car journey recently, I decided to get this on audiobook as it is read by Tina Fey herself.  I have decided I am never going to read another autobiography if there is the option to have the audiobook read by the author – it adds SO much to the experience.

So, Tina Fey is she off of (and writer of) 30 Rock and she who famously ‘did’ Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live during the election campaign.  30 Rock is just really an embelished story of making SNL as far as I can make out.

I have to say, I loved the way Tina read the story – I can’t imagine having read the book myself and getting all her nuances and everything.  Especially the chapter on her dad, the great ‘Don Fey’ who she obviously totally idolises – the feeling just wouldn’t have been there.

From men weeing into jars at work to being air-brushed by lesbians, to how to deal with ‘right-on’ mothers who are disgusted you’re not still breast-feeding your five year old, Tina had some great stories, insights and general comedic timing.  I especially liked her responses to various people’s posts about her on random forums.

If you like 30 Rock, you have to get this – but as I say, I can only recommend the audiobook!


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