east london brass band – trinity united reform church, e17

East London Brass Band

I had been sent a link on Twitter about the East London Brass Band playing a free concert in the Trinity United Reform Church in Walthamstow Village on Thursday.

I have a weak spot for all sorts of live music, including classical, orchestral and yes, indeed a good old brass band!

The concert was free, but it was a fundraising evening, so they had a ‘retiring collection’.  (Yes…I DID have to ask The Man what that meant.)  I was going to take The Girl, and she was very excited, but she then was unforgiveably naughty, so The Man sent me off without her.  However, I don’t seem to be able to go anywhere in Walthamstow these days without bumping into someone I know – and this was no exception as I bumped into The Man’s best mate’s mum and sister!  There were actually more than a hundred in the audience – which was more than I was expecting to see!

They were fantastic! .  There’s something very rousing about a brass band – even though I had been rather cross when I got there because of The Girl playing up, I felt my spirits raised as I internally went ‘trump trump trump’ along with the tubas.

Jayne Murrill, the Musical Director was brilliant – very engaging, chatting to the audience while the band were getting their music ready – and telling us how the band were doing as they ARE a competition band.  Apparently they have won at the Butlins National Mineworkers Contest and regional Area Contest two years in succession – and their awards were on display.  They obviously fully deserved them!

Running order

They started with a couple of pieces that I knew and then a couple that I didn’t, before ending the first half on Mambo from West Side Story.

Then there was an interval with refreshments. And there was cake.  Oh, was there cake!  The daughter of one of the band members had made cakes to seell to help raise more funds.  I had the most gorgeous moist slice of deliciousness that was apparently chocolate and guiness.  Much yum!

The second half was just as good, including a rather good arrangement of Lord Of The Dance, and a fantastic solo from one of the cornets which was from the soundtrack of La Califfa.  You’ll have to excuse my dodgy recordings from my camera – but trust me, they were brilliant!

There were a couple of encores, and I was very happy when they actually finished on The Floral Dance.  No Terry Wogan, but I think it’s one of my favourite brass band pieces – very bouncy to walk home on.  I put quite a bit in the collection 😉  I can see why they had it at the end – the audience couldn’t help but be moved!

They have another concert at the same place on 18th August, and although I have something else booked in, I am actually very tempted to go along again – and take The Girl this time!


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