just a 6″ belt

Rendered speechless

Last night, my daughter managed to shock me speechless.  Yes, even after everything I have gone through with her over the years, she has still managed to completely flabberghast me!

So, I spoke to her while I was at work, and told her that if she came down to meet me at the station, I’d buy her dinner at Le Delice before she went to Guides.  This made her very very happy – as it would, Le Delice is divine!

I got to Walthamstow Central and looked up the slope to where I could see her standing.  I did a double-take, I squinted, I did a triple-take, and then (unfortunately) I realised that what I thought I couldn’t possibly be seeing, I really really WAS seeing!

I composed myself, walked towards her, tried to ignore her great big happy smile, leant close into her ear and said to her:  “WHERE…IS…YOUR…SKIRT?!?!”

And her response?: “I forgot it!”

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  1. Oh dear…
    I hope that’s not a result of the ‘new hair’ – they grow up so fast you’re left hanging by the side of the road, aren’t you?
    And it will get worse before it gets better – hence my dastardly ploy to use reverse psychology and be a freaky mum – now I’ve got solid, conservative daughters 😉

    Good luck with The Girl though 🙂

    1. Unless her haircut actually pulled out some of her brains, then I don’t think it was that.

      Apparently, when she got home from school, she realsied she had a stain on her skirt, so she took it off. when she suddenly realised it was time to come out and meet me, she ran out – and forgot she’d taken her skirt off.


  2. O.O

    She’s a character 😀
    I would imagine she would have felt the draft, no? So what did you do? Went and bought her a skirt? Or didn’t she look too odd compared to other people? I know the girls and I are amazed at the fashion sense of some Londoners when we’re ‘back over’. My kids have become so continental those last 7 years 😀

    1. I frog-marched her to the nearest shop and bought her a skirt (luckily only 1 min walk away).

      She WAS wearing black tight, and her jumper kinf od covered her bum.

      But I was so distraught that I made her go without dinner at all!

  3. Hahahaha – I’m sorry, but I’m wiping tears of laughter now 😀

    I wonder how many people thought:”My, that girl’s mum let her get away with anything!” or maybe they were just wondering what kind of fashion fad they missed recently – keep an eye out for more skirtless girls in the near future 😉

    The weather there probably isn’t as ‘nice’ as here lately, we can’t be bothered with tights any more – although today it’s raining, thank *deity of choice*, first time in months really!

  4. I have to chuckle as it reminds me of mishap that befell me. I once lived in a flat above a shop, there was a door at street level and then a door to the flat. I often overslept as I was working in a nightclub in the evenings to top-up the day job salary.

    One morning I woke up with such a start and realised I had less than 10 minutes to get out the house if I was to have any chance of getting to work on time. I jumped up, dressed and bolted out the door, ran down the stairs, opened the street level door and locked the door, ignoring the car horns that started tooting, went to put the keys in my pocket and was surprised to hear them drop onto the street…

    Looking down I discovered that while I had managed to put on socks and tied my shoe laces I had somehow forgot to put on trousers! Red-faced I ran back upstairs got dressed properly and arrived at work late.

    My boss appreciated that it was so ridiculous a story it could only be true and I escaped a warning. I also managed to once lock myself in the hallway between both doors after leaving the keys on the kitchen table…the flat door was a basic Yale mortice but the street door needed a key to lock and unlock!

    1. You went out without your trousers?!? I am seeing you in a whole new light…luckily not the same light as I would’ve seen you in if I had witnessed the event 😉

      1. To this day I still don’t know how I didn’t notice when I was putting my shoes on other than that I was in such a rush and panic to get out the door to avoid being late for work.

        I remember the boss was a real stickler for time keeping, you had to have your jacket off and logged in and working before 9am, if you arrived at 9am you were late, you had to be be working by then.

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