well, if you WILL drink like a fish…

Hungover much?

On Saturday, The Man went to the pub for his usual stint (about 2pm – 6pm).  I popped in for one quick one to say hello to a few people after meeting in the wonderful Le Delice with some of the Awesomestow Twitterati.

However, we were then invited back to the pub later to help celebrate The Man’s best mate’s 40th.  So, we took The Girl over for a while, and then I brought her back home and watched a couple of films.

He came back about 12.30, followed shortly by his mate and his wife, who were a bit ‘night out happy’ as they haven’t had many since their son was born.  They had brought champagne with them, and we had champagne too.  I stuck to vodka (not being much of a champagne drinker), and the 3 of them polished off the bottles – this is on top of the Guinness and gin that The Man had been drinking already.

Our mates left about 3.45am.

Yesterday morning, I got up, did a little work, got dressed, took The Girl to Walthamstow Farmer’s Market to get Giggly Pig ‘sausages in a roll’, before getting the train and taking her to the British Museum.  This was followed by afternoon tea at the Radisson in Bloomsbury (a post on that later) and then off to have her hair cut.

When we got home, 6 hours after we’d left, The Man had barely managed to make it out of bed to watch the footie and was lying on the sofa groaning and complaining that he obviously had cancer of the head, cos it hurt so much.

He lay there groaning and complaining a bit more, until The Girl (happily bouncing around checking out her new hair) gave him a hug and said:

“Oh come ON!  It’s not that bad!  It’s not like you’ve got a brain tuna or something!”

I kid you not.  Best entertainment of the day…


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