the rapture – liz jensen

The Rapture

I had this book on my ‘To Read’ list for AGES, and finally got it in the Kindle Spring Sale a couple of weeks ago (an absolute bargain for £1.23!).  So, I finished a couple of days ago, which was rather fitting considering apparently today is the latest prediction for the Rapture to happen!

The story centres around Bethany Krall (a teenage girl who has been held in a mental institution for two years since she brutally murdered her mother with a screwdriver) and Gabrielle Fox (her new psychologist, who has been confined to a wheelchair since losing the use of her legs in a life-shattering car crash).

Gabrielle’s interest in Bethany is piqued when she finds out that the girl has been having ‘visions’ featuring huse natural disasters across the world, leading up to an-encompassing event that she believes signals the ‘End of Days’.  When her earlier visions seem to be coming true, Gabrielle wonders who she can turn to, just in case there is the slim chance that Bethany could possibly be right…

I was totally enthralled with this book – the building of the characters was fantastic, there was always something within them that was hinted at, so that you were moved to keep on reading to find out whether your suspicions were right.

The climax was so much more than I had hoped it was going to be, and I could so easily see this as being made into a fantastic film – the scenes in my head were so absolutely crystal clear!

I thoroughly recommend it – that is, of course, if you get the chance as long as The Rapture doesn’t happen today!


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  1. This book sounds really good. I’m definitely adding it to my to-read list (which is woefully long thanks to I know I’d like reading on a Kindle and it would be handier for fitting in my handbag, but I am not sure if I’d move over to Kindle as I love looking up at my books on my bookshelf. Strangely enough, I was only too ready and willing to give up on CDs.

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