No wonder they're called the 'happy couple'!

I am on call all this weekend, which has been a great excuse to NOT do anything about something that was happening in London yesterday.

I have managed to avoid all things Royal Wedding, which has made me a VERY happy girlie indeed.  And what is making me EVEN happier, is the fact that the media (both commerical and social) can just go back to normal – hurrah!  I no longer have to cringe while I read or listen to anything at all!!

I have managed not to see the dress, not to see anyone’s outfit, not to see the apparently ridiculous hat that one of the Fergie princess’ was wearing, not see Fearne Cotton and not see how miserable they were looking – but unfortunatekly, I have obviouslymanaged to HEAR about all these things, thanks to Twitter & Facebook!

No, I am not miserable (as I said, I am actually very happy indeed – I will get extra money for having been on call for an extra Bank Holiday day, so thanks for that royalies) –  and I wish them all the luck, just like I would with anyone getting married (with a few exceptions), but I couldn’t give a toss about the royals, and I don’t ‘do’ weddings generally.  Although at least it was probably more interesting than when Charlie-boy married that God-awful bint 30 years ago!

Anyway, tomorrow night, I get to go to a party, which I am really looking forward to – and has nothing to do with any of it at all. Yay!!

Oh yes, and I finally finished watching Season 2 of House, so I can drag my arse into 2007!