Truth Dare Kill

This is another bargain book on Kindle – just £1 if you’re interested!

This is the first ‘Danny McRae’ book, with Unquiet Heart being the second.  It is 1945 and Scottish Danny McRae is a private investigator in London – an ex-policeman, he has returned from the war after being captured by the Germans and suffering severe head trauma.

When he is approached by a glamorous woman to investigate the possible death of her married lover, who just happens to have been his commanding officer in France, and the one person able to help him piece together the missing fragments of his memory, he takes on the job.

At the same time, prostitutes are being murdered in Soho, and it seems that the brutal killings are being committed at the same time as Danny has experienced blackouts due to his head wound.

This was an enjoyable enough book, although I found Danny rather difficult to like, so I’m not sure whether I will read the next one.  There were some quite clever twists and turns, but I found the characters a little shallow, and the ending rather unbelievable.

Still, an interesting enough retro-thriller.