sugar & spice – saffina desforges

Sugar & Spice

It’s every parent’s nightmare.  Not just that their child could be kidnapped and murdered, but that they may suffer any form of abuse as well.

Sugar & Spice (only 69p on Kindle!) tackles this taboo subject head on.  In fact it bulldozes through it, in such a matter-of-fact way – completely non-glorified – that it takes your breath away.

Perhaps this wasn’t my best choice of book while spending a week on a caravan park by the sea where I have been letting The Girl wander off to do what she wants for hours on end!

However, if you’re not squeamish or one of those that can’t even deal with the thought of it, this is an extremely well written, and well researched thriller.

Rebecca is the first girl to turn up dead – her fingernails painted yellow by her killer.  When another couple of girls turn up dead with the same trait, the police know that they are dealing with a serial killer.  And what’s more, he’s even literally left a calling card giving himself his own moniker – Uncle Tom.

All of the indications point towards a previously convicted paedophile – but is this really the right man?  This is what Rebecca’s mum, Claire and her journalist boyfriend Matt are desperate to find out.

This book deals with the subject matter without frills or niceties and seems to really get into the thoughts as to why these men (as they generally are) do what they do.

I found it absolutely fascinating.  In a slightly icky kind of way of course – but fascinating none the less!  One of the best ‘stabby-thriller-catchy-killer’ books (as I call them) that I have read in quite a while!


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  1. I came to your blog having seen it on Lexi’s blogroll, and because I’m a huge fan of Saffi (agree totally about its fabulousness) and got to looking through your rather super blog. Particularly love the gigs section. I just adore Melanie Pain having discovered her when Nouvelle Vague played the Royal Albert Hall last year – one of the most incredible gigs I’ve been to – live Nouvelle Vague are just breathtaking (so full of energy, and so different from the – equally good – polish of their albums).

    1. Glad to hear from you 🙂

      Nouvelle Vague are indeed an amazing live band – and Melanie Pain definitely carries that through to her live set.

      I wish I managed to get out to more live stuff – just hoping I manage to win some iTunes tickets!

  2. Hi ‘Normal’,

    I stumbled across this via Google alerts. What a fabulous blog! Really pleasantly surprised to come across it and many thanks for the review.

    Have shared and will now add you to my blog roll. Good luck and thanks again.


    1. Hi Saffi – thanks so much for your comment. I really enjoyed the book. Not EASY reading (as a mother of an 11 year old girl!) but definitely gripping. look forwrad to the next one (I assume there’ll be a next one!).


  3. Wow! What a blog! And not just because of the great review of Sugar & Spice (I’m Saffi’s co-author by the way).

    Books! Foreign films! And best of all, sharing those special moments with “the daughter”. That is just SO nice!

    Our next release (July) is the first of a crime thriller series, Rose Red, and while nothing like Sugar & Spice (we have a sequel to that – Puppy Dogs’ Tales – brewing slowly) I’m certain you’ll love it.

    Especially as one of the star characters (at least, SHE thinks she’s the star) is an eleven year old girl. Her name’s Ella, and even though she’s fictional, and is NOT the star of the book (don’t tell her i said so!) she just happens to have her own blog.

    You can check out the “inside story” behind the new Saffina Desforges series at

    Two posts so far and another due in the next day or so.

    Fictional kids writing blogs about the adult books they’re going to be in, before the books are even written? You couldn’t make it up!

  4. Great book… well researched and a difficult but interesting insight into a very taboo subject…well done Saffi, I look forward to reading more of your books..Mandy xxx

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