I recorded this off of Sky Arts earlier in the week, knowing nothing much about it really.

It was completely intriguing.  Shot with a kind of grainy, retro feel to it, it was very much an arty kind of thing, with some narrator introducing the story with a rather surreal shot of a magician.  It kind of showed a scene from partway through the film and then went back to the beginning.

The film centres around Alex, a young photographer, who lives with his girlfriend Simone, who is pretty but a little ‘bookish’.  One night, he chances across Aimee who looks exactly like Simone (both parts played stunningly by Maria Bonnevie) but far more relaxed and glamorous.  Simone is married to August, a much-older author.

Alex is obviously completely enraptured with Aimee, follows her, and ends up declaring his love for her before they sleep together.  In the morning, they arrange to meet later that day, but when Alex leaves Aimee to return home, not only does his flat not exist, but all of the people he knows have no clue who he is.

It’s a surreal, intriguing and moving film, all about love, trust and relationships.  It’s beautifully shot, a work of art in itself.  But I can’t even begin to try to explain what *I* think happened in it – I believe it’s all open to interpretation.

Was Alex real?  Was he just a character that August invented for a book?

If anyone else has seen it, I’d love to know their thoughts!