you get what you pay for…

99p Stores, Walthamstow

…or don’t pay very much for, I guess.  That is how it appears with the customer service I received not even an hour ago from my local 99p Stores.

I have happily frequented 99p Stores in Walthamstow and Camden for a few years (even though I did prefer the Walthamstow one when it was Hammicks Bookshop!).  As far as I’m concerned, if stuff is branded, why not take the opportunity to get a bargain!?

Anyway, I noticed last week that they were doing the conditioner I use in the Walthamstow one, so decided to pop in on the way home to get a bulk load, and to get another few bits and pieces while I was at it (cat food, chocolate if you’re interested 😉 ).

So, there was a HUGE queue, but I REALLY need the conditioner, so I stood in line for ages.  After he’d rung all my stuff through, he pointed at the card machine, I stuck my card in and then he said:

Him:  Oh.  Erm…I’ve pressed cash
Me: OK
Him:  Have you got the cash?
Me:  No, I’ve got my card
Him:  I don’t know what to do
Me: OK
Him:  Can you go and get the cash?
Me:  Erm, no, I’ve got my card
Him:   I’ll call someone

So, he uses his ‘Kill them’ mic and then carries on serving other people.  Another guy comes along and he tells him what’s happened.

Guy 2:  Have you got the cash?
Me:  No, I’ve got my card
Guy 2:  Can you go and get the cash?
Me:  No, I’ve got my card – I just want to pay and go home
Guy 2:  It will be good if you go and bring the cash
Me:  No, it will be good if you can just let me pay with my card as I always intended to
Guy 2:  But he’s pressed cash
Me:  I know

So they use the ‘Kill them’ mic yet again, and Guy 2 goes off to another till to serve more of the hundreds of people now stuck in a long queue behind me.

A guy in a proper shirt that says ‘manager’ without actually having a ‘Manager’ tag on it comes over.  The first guy tells Manager bloke what’s happened and he mumbles something to him, and then points at him and says “Maybe YOU can pay for it”, then barks something at him and stands back while the guy is serving yet another customer.  But then he seems to get bored, and wanders off.

Guy 1 finishes serving the customer and turns around and sayd to me “What happened?  where did he go?” and then spots him, and then turns to me and says again “Can you just go and get the cash – that will be nice for us!”  So I shouted, “No I wont go and get the bloody cash, just forget it!!!” and stormed out like a stroppy little teenager.

So, tomorrow my hair will be badly frizzy and it is ALL the fault of the stupid people in 99p Stores in Walthamstow!!


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