Glasruhen Gate

This is the second book in what I am assuming is a trilogy, following The Golden Acorn.

This one wasn’t free, but with both me & The Girl having enjoyed the first one so much, I was very happy paying the £1.59 that I did!

This one is slightly darker than the first one – but being a children’s book, noone exactly comes to a grisly end, and no matter what trouble Jack and raven-boy Camelin get into – they never really get told off or punished, which I find quite amusing.

Having retrieved all of the cauldron plates, the group are ready to cast the spell to open the Glasruhen Gates into Annwn so that they can retrieve more golden acorns and thus cure the forest hydra on earth.

However, as always with these things, it’s not as simple as they think it should be – Annwn isn’t the same kingdom that they left so many years before!

The Girl once again loved it, it’s such an easy innocent read, but full of action and friendships!