the most incredible thing, sadler’s wells

The Most Incredible Workers 🙂

I am still trying to play catch-up wih myself – I seem to have been so busy lately that I don’t have time to reflect and dissect it all!!

So, almost TWO WEEKS ago I was lucky enough to be taken along to see The Most Incredible Thing – the much-anticipated ballet scored by the always fabulous Pet Shop Boys.

My mate had bought tickets as a surprise for her mum for Mother’s Day, but her mum had surprised HER by already having tickets to see Swan Lake (I think it was) on the same night.  So, back in January, my mate asked me whether I wanted to go with her to see “that Pet Shop Boys ballet thing”.

Oh lucky me!  Neither of us was really sure what to expect, but going to the ballet is cultured and glamorous, right? And the Pet Shop Boys are brilliant!

The Most Incredible Thing is a short story by Hans Christian Andersen – and after reading the actual story, I think it must’ve been during his LSD period.  The bit about Moses throwing something at someone, followed by the sentence explaining how his arms had fallen off had me and my mate in fits of giggles for ages.

In summary, the King says that he will give half of his kingdom and and his daughter’s hand in marriage to whoever comes up with The Most Incredible Thing. so all the people in the kingdom get to it, and there is a contest and an artist who invents this clock where wonderous things come out of it at every hour (too many weird things to go into really) and the contest judges agree that THIS is the most incredible thing (and the Princess is happy cos he’s nice and quite cute).  And then a nasty bastard military type bloke comes and crushes it and so everyone agress that THIS is the most incredible thing (bloody bunch of idiots) and so the King has to give him half the Kingdom and the Princess, and so he chucks the good guy in jail.  but then all the wonders from the clock come back to life (?!) and overcome the nasty bloke and get rid of him (in a humane non-bloodythirsty fairytale way I guess) and everyone agrees that THIS is the most incredible thing (contrary fools!) and the Princess is happy again, and they get married and everyone in the Kingdom is pleased and noone is at all jealous and THIS is in fact the most incredible thing.

O. K.

And this was turned into a ballet?!?

But it was fantastic – it was a broken down non-pointy-toed-pirouettey audio-visual delight.  The dancers were brilliant, especially the Princess, and it wasn’t half as poncey as it could have been.  Javier De Fruotos’ choreography suited the feel of the whole thing (which had a lot of pre-recorded visuals as well as a very imaginative stage set) and fitted the music perfectly.  And the music was brilliant (well done to the orchestra!) – it was totally Pet Shop Boys – noone could mistake that electronic poppy feel.  There was even one point where I swore blind that it was going to break into It’s A Sin.  Which is actually my favourite PSP track, so that’s definitely a good thing!

It was the last night, and they were actually there, but unfortunately they were directly above us, so after everyone had given the performers a standing ovation, they obviously stood up and everyone turned and cheered and applauded THEM.  And very well-deserved it was too!

I must’ve enjoyed it – I bought the CD soundtrack after all 🙂  (Thanks LPP&P!! xxx)


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