grand union, camden

I just spotted a couple of photos that I’d taken and realised that I had forgotten to post about my trip to Grand Union with my mate earlier this month.

As with my trip to The Montcalm at the weekend, I had a Groupon voucher that was rapidly coming to its expiry date.  I had paid £12 for a £35 voucher to be spent on burgers, pizzas or cocktails.  I had never been in a Grand Union, even though I pass by the one in Camden almost every day.

I’d booked ‘an area’ online as per the Groupon instructions – which felt a bit weird for 2 people, but there was actually a really nice, rather large table reserved for us, ready and waiting when we got there.  it was out the back, which I hadn’t realised was there, and was a lovely space with big comfy chairs, dark tables and gorgeous mismatched lamps lighting it.

We got a HUGE jug of ‘Gingerly Does It’ which was a gorgeous concoction of Finlandia Vodka, Chambord, ginger beer, passionfruit,
strawberries and lime.  A hell of a lot better than the Celtic Warriors I had been drinking the night before.

Gingerly Does It - much yumminess!

We decided to opt for burgers.  It seemed rather steep to pay £6.45 – £10.45 for a burger (without chips!) in what was essentially a bar, but that was the beauty of having the voucher!

I opted for a ‘Fully Loaded’ – Beef patty, mature Cheddar,bacon, onion rings, BBQ sauce, £8.95 and my mate had a New Yorker – Beef patty, salami, Monterey Jack cheese, pickles, £8.45.

We sat, relaxed and chatted in the lovely atmosphere and THIS is what was brought out to us!

That's not a burger it's a mountain!!

The burgers were moist and cooked to medium and the toppings were fresh (although my onion rings were a bit pedestrian).  The fries were fry-ey and we were pretty happy with our lot – especially at OUR price.

There was a fab atmosphere, the food was nice enough, but I’m not sure I’d pay full whack for what is essentially just a burger.  I’d definitely go for cocktails and they do have offers on the burgers frequently, so I’d have them then 🙂


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