So, I spent a WHOLE DAY out with The Girl today – and guess what, she was adorable!!!  Who would’ve thunk it?  Apparently she was lovely last night too, as The Man took her over the pub while I went out to see the Pet Shop Boys ballet thing (more on that and today later).

Anyway, we were talking about school, and she mentioned the evil bitch girl that I blogged about here and I said “But you don’t really have anything to do with her any more do you?”

TG:  No, I hardly ever see her any more
Me:  When did you last see her?
TG:  Last week in the hallway – as I walked past her, she looked and me and just said “Arsehole!”
Me (totally shocked!!!): Really?!!?
TG:  Yes, so I said “Glad to see you still like talkign about yourself!

Love my girl. 🙂