blithe spirit – apollo theatre

Famous people!

Yes, yes, I know.  You don’t need to remind me that it’s less than four months since I last saw Blithe Spirit.

But it IS my second favourite play, and this was different. This was a ‘proper’ West End production, complete with famous people!

Hermione Norris (of Spooks, Cold Feet and more recently, that awful Outcasts fame) was Ruth – and very good she was at it too!  A real commanding performance.  Which was lucky as Robert Bathurst (also of Cold Feet) was ‘indisposed’ on the night that we went, and so Charles was played  by the understudy who was definitely no Rex Harrison.  I can’t remember what his name was, but he was a little too young, nowhere near posh enough and obviously not quite as comfortable with the character – which was a shame as it all really hinges on Charles.

Still, the always entertaining, wonderfully dance-and-musical Ruthie Henshall was mischeviously fun as Elvira.  Although she was grinning so widely through most of the play that I was worried her jaw might stick!

Of course, as is right and proper, Madame Arcati was the star of the show and quirky Alison Steadman certainly made sure this was the case.  She was fabulous darling.  She had the right amount of madness and jolly hockey-sticks!

The set was simple but effective, and the grand finale was very well executed.

All in all, I loved it loved it loved it!  It was the last of my birthday pressies, and my mate who bought the tickets had never seen it before, and had no idea what to expect – but I believe he enjoyed it too.  Fantastic night 🙂


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