the golden acorn – catherine cooper

The Golden Acorn

I picked this up on my Kindle for free (thanks Amazon!), as I thought that The Girl would like it.

However, after I’d finished Arcadia Falls, I was going through a bit of a headachey time, and I knew that the next book I needed to start was Parrot & Olivier in America, which looked quite hard-going…so I took the easy route before starting it by reading this, a children’s book!

I’m glad I did, as it was lovely.  Just lovely.  The Girl has since read it, and really enjoyed it too.

Jack Brenin is a young lad who has come to live with his grandfather in rural England, having been living in Greece with his father following his mother’s death.  Little does he know that his life is about to get fantastical as his very presence is playing out an ancient prophecy.

There are some great new fantasy creatures, some haunting moments and nobody dies…it’s a truly beautiful kids’ book, with just the right mix of fast-paced action, minor peril, great friendships and Enid Blyton style ‘jolly hockeysticks’ food-based capers!

I will definitely be getting the next one for us both to read!


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