murder in the cathedral, putney arts theatre

i just managed to get my mate's pic in 😉

Last week, I made my weary way down to Putney again to see my mate in other play at the lovely Putney Arts Theatre.

Now, this is the mate who was in Round & Round The Garden there, NOT the one who was in A Midsummer Night’s Scream.

Now, I have to admit, I had never heard of Murder In The Cathedral until he mentioned that he was auditioning for it.  It’s by TS Eliot and tells the story of the assassination of Archbishop Thomas Beckett at Canterbury Cathedral back in the 12th century – so not exactly a light subject.

The only thing I know of by TS Eliot is Cats – which I know was just adapted from his book of poems, but that was the biggest pile of shite I think I have ever seen on stage – and I’ve seen Copacabana!!!  (Saw both of them for free, so don’t feel TOO sorry for me…)

Anyway, Murder In The Cathedral – it was pretty heavy going, and was in an odd prose – very, very Shakespearian I think I am safe in comparing it to.  Once I got into it though, it was actually very good.

It was dramatic, deep and dark and te nsion-building.  And my mate, being the lead character with some very long monologues was bloody brilliant, even if I do say so myself.  He even played dead very well 🙂

The whole thing was only ruined by a group of girls that were sitting behind us.  they were obviously the friends of one of the girls in the play, and I felt so sorry for her as she must have been mortified.  They turned up completely pissed, dressed up to the nines (and really not looking good on it), extremely loud and very inappropriate.

It was embarrassing as none of them looked like they’d ever see 40 again, so they really should’ve known better.

As I said, it isn’t the lightest of plays, and it was a little ‘archaic’ in places – but if you show up to these things purely to support your friend, you don’t act like bored 10 year olds while you do it!  They laughed loudly, cheered whenever their friend came onto stage or had an emotional line and shouted out stuff to her when she was dressed as a lusty temptress in a corset, stockings and high heels.  they ate throughout the first half, rustling bags as if they were in a cinema!

I was hoping that they would take the interval as a chance to leave, but they didn’t.  they came back even more drunk, especially one who had the manliest voice I have heard on a bird.  Eventually a couple of people came up and told them to shut the fuck up, at which this one girl took no notice and complained loudly to her mates, by which time they were obviously getting a bit fed up with her too and kept telling her to pipe down a bit.

She drunkenly slurred some comments at the stage, laughed inappropriately, but was slowly getting quieter until she eventually farted a few times extremely loudly, fell forward with her head on her knees and started snoring loudly.

My mate was sitting just in front of her, and we were both worried that she was going to chunder down his neck – but luckily she slept happily through the rest of it.

It was a shame as I probably would have enjoyed the play a lot more without the alternative performance going on behind me!


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