you learn a new thing every day

I googled 'Celtic Warrior' - I have no idea what relevance this has to this image result!

So the saying goes.

Well, today I have definitely learned a new thing.  In fact I am still currently learning it.  I am learning what a hangover feels like.

It isn’t very nice.

The Man seemed to find it highly amusing when I was complaining this morning.  Which I don’t think was the right response to my pain at all.

I guess really that there is something else that I have learned today.  That cocktail is called a Celtic Warrior because you wake up feeling like there are evil little men sticking stabby swords into the inside of your skull.

I am really not sure what part of  “2 shots of Drambuie, draft Cider, topped up with lemonade & a wedge of freshly squeezed lemon” sounded like a good idea last night.

I am also not sure why two out of the 6 or so were pink.

I will NOT be doing hangovers again.  Bleurgh!


6 thoughts on “you learn a new thing every day

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  1. Welcome to my world…

    I’m not sure what’s worse with a hangover – the evil person who has installed a washing machine inside your stomach on a slow uneven spin so you feel queasy all day or his friend who is trepanning bits out of your skull through your eyeballs.

  2. Goodness – you missed hangovers when you were in your teens? And why on earth did you drink that vile concoction, whose ingredients should never have been allowed to get anywhere near each other?

    That man looks like an animated Chesterfield sofa. And what ill-advised facial hair.

    1. No – I drank, but I generally seem to have a really high tolerance to alcohol, coupled with a vivid awareness of when I’ve had enough. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve drunk til I’ve been sick before – I have even gone into work still drunk from the night before!!

      I have just never woken up with a hangover. i’ve never had the bashy head and slightly seasick feeling the next day. I didn’t like that.

      I have NO idea why I thought the Celtic Warriors would be a good idea! I think it was probably my ‘stranger danger’ nerves setting in. It certainly loosened my tongue enough to talk to people…never again!

      And yes – the man in th epic is rather disturbing – to me, he looks like a fawn that has been made fully human for some reason!

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