I googled 'Celtic Warrior' - I have no idea what relevance this has to this image result!

So the saying goes.

Well, today I have definitely learned a new thing.  In fact I am still currently learning it.  I am learning what a hangover feels like.

It isn’t very nice.

The Man seemed to find it highly amusing when I was complaining this morning.  Which I don’t think was the right response to my pain at all.

I guess really that there is something else that I have learned today.  That cocktail is called a Celtic Warrior because you wake up feeling like there are evil little men sticking stabby swords into the inside of your skull.

I am really not sure what part of  “2 shots of Drambuie, draft Cider, topped up with lemonade & a wedge of freshly squeezed lemon” sounded like a good idea last night.

I am also not sure why two out of the 6 or so were pink.

I will NOT be doing hangovers again.  Bleurgh!