Pinkly feeling good!

Last Friday night, I got taken to see Legally Blonde The Musical courtesy of my lovely friend as my birthday present.

Now, I’d heard good things about it, so was very excited – always a risk, as then it’s so easy to be disappointed!  So – was I disappointed?


It was fantastic.  It was pink, glittery froth!  It was upbeat, it was funny, it was FUN!  It was entertaining, true to the original film and lyrically clever.  It was a perfect remedy to a rather hectic week of work.

We had missed Sheridan Smith’s run, but Susan McFadden was absolutely fantastic.  We were meant to have Denise Van Outen as Paulette, but didn’t; we were also meant to be treated to Peter Davidson, and didn’t.  but it really didn’t matter – everything is so great that you really don’t need the big names!  Kyle’s comedy timing was especially noteable.

The songs were fun and bouncy – I kept grimacing, waiting for the inevitable ballad, but all the way through the first half, every time it felt lke a ballad was about to come, they changed to another fun song.  So, when it eventually hit halfway through the (short) second half, I didn’t really mind.

“Gay or European” was obviously my favourite – so I’ll finish off with this as a treat for you!  Go and see it – it’ll brighten your day/week/month!