have you seen the cost o’ costa?

(Did you see what I did there?  Say it out loud!)

Anyway, this is probably the most inane post I have ever made.

About 1-2 times a week, I get myself a coffee on the way in to work – and I will often get a bacon butty at the same time.  There is every type of coffee shop on the way in, from the little independent Camden Coffee House and the one actually inside the station (my favourite) if I come in to Camden Road, to all the major chains (Coffee Nero, Starbucks, EAT, Costa, Pret) and other indies (Reason To Eat etc) if I come in to Camden Town.

I like EAT.  I like the staff in EAT.  I like the way they’re pretty quick serving, and are friendly, remember my coffee order and that it’s bright and airy.  I also like the fact that they gave me a free coffee over Christmas 🙂   I don’t like Pret’s coffee, and they don’t do the syrups.   And Starbucks & Nero are round the corner, not in my direct path!

Anyway, so I’ve been frequenting EAT, but my loyalty was put into question when I spotted the loyalty card offer in Costa (which is next door).  Now, I used to like the subsidised Costa coffee franchise that used to be in my old workplace, so I know I like their coffee, so I thought I’d give it a go yesterday.

As you can see from the photo below, I went straight back to EAT today (out of guilt really!)

You get what you pay for? Not in this case!

So, a medium skinny caramel cap and a bacon roll in Costa vs a big skinny caramel cap and sausage butty in EAT (I had a change, but the price is the same).  Admittedly, the roll is slightly smaller in EAT but there is just as much bacon and it tastes FAR nicer, and the coffees are definitely on a par with each other.

So what makes the order worth 16% more just by going next door?  (Which is a lot slower and less friendly btw).



4 thoughts on “have you seen the cost o’ costa?

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  1. The 16% increase is to pay for your ‘free’ coffee in about six years time when you get enough points on the Costa card.

    Mind I prefer Costa coffee to Starbucks if I had to choose but I try to make my coffee in the office for free.

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