the new sweeney todd?

Where there's a will...

So, there this item was on the news just now about the fact that Honor Oak Park in Southwark which was bought by the council in 1901 as burial ground is going to be used as a cemetry (confused yet?).  Apparently it has always been used as a park by the community but the cemetries are all filling up!

“I’ve got a solution to this problem!” declares The Girl.

“Have you?  What’s that then, “I stupidly ask.  Do I not know any better even after all these years?

“Just dig smaller holes and chop all the bodies up into pieces!”

Yes. I did snort with laughter before I explained what was wrong with her very clever idea 🙂


6 thoughts on “the new sweeney todd?

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  1. Think how much cheaper the land would have been 100 years ago – what a bargain for Southwark taxpayers of today to get a brand new cemetery at the cost of losing a park!

    It’s a bit of an ironic use of the land though given that most of the parks in London are old plague burial grounds anyway :D.

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