middle class revenge?

Why would you take kids on this anyway?

So, I was just coming home on the Victoria line, and first of all, there was one of those people who REALLY gets on my wick.

A woman IN RUSH HOUR with four kids of about 6 – 13 on a crowded tube, and she had let them all have seats when there were paying adults standing!!!

That REALLY pisses me off.  I mean, really.  Whenever I used to go on public transport, I ALWAYS had to give my seat up if there was a grown-up standing.  And it’s exactly the same with the girl.  I have never allowed her to take a seat if there is anyone else standing.

But then, to add insult to injury, this heavily pregnant woman got on at King’s Cross, so I said to her:

Me: Would you mind giving up one of your seats for this lady
Bitch Mother: Why?
Me (shocked): Erm, isn’t it obvious?
BM: No
Me: she’s pregnant!
BM: So – that’s not MY problem

At this point, the pregnant woman says thanks to me but not to worry, and then thankfully a young guy gave her his seat.

BM:  See – all sorted
Me:  I can’t believe you need to be such a bitch
BM:  Oh *I* am the bitch, am I?
Me: Erm…YES!

Anyway, although I was seething, I couldn’t think of anything else really to say that hadn’t already been said  and the Bitch Mother KNEW it, and so she put her bag down on the floor, got her book out, looked at me all smug like, and started reading.

And I grabbed my only opportunity to get any form of revenge on her at all – middle-class and crap as it may be.

She was reading One Day byDavid Nicholls, so I said “Great book, by the way…” and told her the ending.  (I wont say exactly what I said as there may be people reading who haven’t read it yet.

Her face was like thunder, but she didn’t say anything.  I felt SO much better 😀

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