the big over easy – jasper fforde

The Big Over Easy

Having read Shades of Grey recently, I was keen to read some more Jasper Fforde.

He has two series of books – The Nursery Crimes and Thursday Next.  I wasn’t bothered which series I started  I just craved more Fforde.  Luckily my mate has read all of his books and lent me The Big Over Easy, which is the first of The Nursery Crimes series.

Firstly, this is NOTHING like Shades of Grey, so if you were tempted by Jasper Fforde simply on the basis of that one book, believe me, it’s unique!  There is no sci-fi element to it, but it is still very cleverly written.

DS Mary Mary has been posted to Reading from Basingstoke (not somewhere to be ashamed of coming from, apparently) to work in the NCD under DI Jack Spratt (guess what he doesn’t like eating!) and the first case they work on together is the death of Humperdink Van Dumpty.  Yes, local celebrity egg Humpty Dumpty has crashed from a wall and cracked right open – but did he fall, or was he pushed?

With all of our favourite kid’s story, lullaby and nursery rhyme characters included, essentially this is a very clever detective novel.  There are a number of twists and turns, and just when you thik “Oh, I know what happened”, soemthing else is chucked in the melting pot.

The characters are all well written, and no matter how unbelievably fantastical it all is, or how ‘inevitable’ some of the plotlines, you are made to actually believe in the individual characters, and are rooting for the good guys.

I loved it – although admittedly nowheer near as much as  loved Shades of Grey!


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