Le Dîner de Cons

Le Dîner de Cons (The Dinner for Idiots) is one of those rare things – a French comedy that I actually find funny!

I’ve sent it twice already, but just watched it again as it had recently been on the TV and I’d recorded it.

Pierre Brouchant is a successful businessman, and he and his friends throw this regular dinner party where they have to bring alone the biggest idiot that they have come across, and the person who finds the biggest idiot for each party gets a prize.

Pierre has stumbled across Francois Pignon, a rounded, balding middle-aged man who seems overly enthusiastic like a puppy, is obsessed with his matchstick models and seemingly has no idea about anything.  Pierre has hit upon idiot gold.

But, when he does his back and argues with his wife on the night of the dinner, things soon go downhill – and could Francois actually be his only hope?

This is a universal, timeless little farce (it’s only just over an hour long) – probably because it has no real cultural references outside of the general relationships of the characters.

Always amusing 🙂

My rating – 7.5/10