Essensuals in Camden

OK – so this is the last one (for now!).

Good customer service.

I mentioned before about the fantastic customer service I think I got from Amazon, when replacing my slightly damaged Kindle.

Well, last night, I went to get my hair cut.  This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but it really is a big deal to me.

I last got my hair cut about 16 months ago.  yes, really.  and it was about the same length of time before that.  There are many things I hate about going to the hairdressers.  (a) People touching me  (b) Not knowing where to look  (c)  Hairdressers that don’t talk to you, that makes you feel uncomfortable  (d)  Hairdressers that talk to you a lot, and ask you loads of questions.

I also have extremely wild hair that refuses to do what it is told.  This has been aggravated over recent years, because I have hypothyroidism, and a trait of that (because, yes, I do still forget to take my pills half the time) is the fact that my hair is thinning on top.  I always have to explain this to them, because it does make a lot of difference as to how they view my hair.

So, I popped along to Essensuals in Camden (they’re a Toni & Guy run branch now) and was dreading it as I usually do.  However, even from the moment I walked in, the girls seemed very friendly and relaxed.  The stylist I had (Aaron) is VERY good with curly hair (and yes, he really was), and he was also just the right blend of smiley and friendly without talking loads – and he really listened to what I told him!

Even better, the girl that washed my hair said to me “So, you’ve not been working today then?” and I told her I had, but I only work in the next road along, and she said “Oh great – so you’ve got your discount then?” which I knew nothing about.  Apparently people who work locally get 15% off! bargain!  And once I’d finished, she had already gone and taken it off of my bill – and let me know that she had!

Now SHE gets my non-existent Customer Service award for February 🙂