My current view

A Saturday afternoon nest.

The Girl has been lovely since our huge row yesterday morning, and I got her up and out this morning, and she has just come back to indulge in this with me.

My nest at the moment contains:

  • Duvet (to feel warm and snuggly without having the heating on – also keeps me safe from the spiky cat!)
  • Cat (gently purring, warm and in easy reach for a quick stroke)
  • Good book (to read in ad breaks)
  • Laptop (to ‘socialise’ whist nesting)
  • TV remote (to enjoy loads of crap)
  • Well-behaved daughter (for snuggling and using as a remote control – eg; making tea, fetching hot cross buns)

This is all making me very happy indeed.  Tomorrow, we will go to the flicks if she’s still behaving herself, and see Gnomeo & Juliet!