The Invisible Man

Having read The War of The Worlds and The Time Machine last year, I’d had a bit of a break from HG Wells and so only just picked up the third book that I bought at the time – The Invisible Man.

I’d never read it before, and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film of it either!  Obviously the title kind of gives the main story away – duh – but nothing else.

I really wasn’t sure what to make of this book – to be quite honest, I found it rather horrible.  The ‘man’ of the title isn’t a very nice person, and it almost makes difficult reading as there is no character within the story that I felt any empathy for.

Even though the main character isn’t very nice, he is also persecuted by the ‘innocent’ townspeople, just for being different.  OK, being invisible is very different, but nonetheless, even before they are sure of the crimes that he has committed etc, they are against him.  Which at first made me almost glad that he was stealing from them etc.

There’s also a lot of violence in this – coupled with terrible tantrums.  Not particularly nice reading at all.

The whole thing didn’t feel anywhere near as polished as the other two books that I’d read, and I really wouldn’t recommend it as a first read of Wells – even though the story is a classic.  I think that was more the idea of the story rather than the actual book itself.

Slightly disappointing.