reasons to be cheerful – part 4

'Spot' the difference?

My super-speedy-no-quibble replacement Kindle.

As I have said many times on this blog, I am surprisingly in love with my Kindle.  I never thought we’d really get on, I thought we’d only be part-time lovers (I am now singing Stevie Wonder to myself) – but the strength of my devotion has been more powerful than I would ever have believed.

So, imagine my horror and dismay when I picked up my love (after a break of a couple of days while I’d been reading my paperback of The Invisible Man) and there was an ink smudge on it.  An ink smudge!!

So, on Monday, I looked on the Amazon website to get some idea of what I could do about it.  I went through the ‘Contact Us’ section, and with a Kindle query, it says “It’s best to talk to us, enter you’re phone number here and we’ll call you” and you have a choice of RIGHT NOW or IN 5 MINS.  I chose the former, and my mobile rang immediately and I spoke to a lovely guy.

I told him I’d turned it right off (unheard of with a Kindle) and back on again, the screen wasn’t damaged, I have a case for it and don’t believe anything had been dropped on it and that I’d even tried shaking it like an Etch-a-Sketch to see if it cleared the screen. Ahem.

He said “Well, it sounds like a fault and nothing you’ll be able to do” tap tap tap “right, I have a new one being desptached to you ASAP – you’ll also get an email which will take you to a link to print off a label and call DHL to pick your old one up.  Keep the power lead and use the packaging from the new one to send the old one back.”

“Oh. Thanks. Can I keep the old one til I get the new one.”

“You have 30 days to send the old one back, otherwise we will have to take the charge from your account.”

“Oh. OK. Thank you.”


That was Monday – it arrived on Tuesday but I wasn’t in, so I picked it up from the Post Office this morning.  That is what *I* call Customer Service!

This has made me VERY happy 🙂  Love you Amazon.  Love you Kindle. Mwah.


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